About Sound Farm Productions

We are into farming sound & anything related to sound, we sow the seed of sound into any existing or non-existing material to create aura of emotions, reasoning of intellectual, innocence of understanding & beauty to the aural senses of people touching their hearts to laugh, to cry, to believe. We create feelings of joy, of sorrows, of pain & of responsibility.

Our sounds create drama, magic, surreal beauty, bitter truth & sweet pain, pain untold, beauty unheard.

We take the responsibility of taking any project to a stupendous level bringing reality to the discerning & non-discerning mind. We take that extra effort to make any piece of work to the level appreciation, getting consumers feel the grip & letting client’s stay with us on a long term relationship.

We are constantly upgrading & enhancing ourselves with technology & the wants of our clients bringing magnificent change.

We have been awarded with the most prestigious awards of the globe, Cannes Lions for Women’s awareness for “she says .in” in the year 2016.